How To Increase IQ

By | April 16, 2023

The first thing to be aware of is that IQ can indeed be increased. Researchers and academics once thought that IQ couldn’t be increased but this is a total myth with no scientific basis whatsoever. The proper name for IQ is “fluid intelligence” and you will generally hear of academics talking about fluid intelligence more than IQ.Use Mental Training TechniquesOne of the interesting discoveries is that specific mental training exercises can lead to strong gains in IQ over time. Some techniques such as image streaming (invented by Dr Win Wenger of the U.S.A) have been reported by dedicated users and academics to lead to IQ improvements of 0.4 points per hour of use.Another technique which is useful for increasing intelligence is the “dual n back” training task. This task has been shown to lead to improvements in fluid intelligence, short term memory and working memory. It was created at the University of Michigan by a team of academic researchers and has been shown to be incredibly useful for creating mental changes. The technique involves selecting the correct sequence of square objects and audio elements and the levels get progressively harder as you continue the training.Learn To Improve Your DietImproving your diet has been shown in many areas to help increase IQ without a doubt. Nutrition on its own can have an impact of over 30 IQ points over your whole lifetime, so this is definitely something you will need to pay attention to. A good diet of plenty of fruit and vegetables, healthy wholemeal foods and similar will work wonders for your self confidence, personality and mental performance. Therefore, it is something which needs to be looked at, as an effective and powerful source for increasing intelligence.Improve Your Day To Day LifestyleThis essentially means getting some regular exercise. Getting regular exercise will help you to feel over the moon, and can dramatically increase your feelings of well being and success going forward. Exercising 2 to 3 times per week has many psychological benefits, such as increased dopamine production, increased feelings of self worth, more mental clarity, memory abilities and so on. It clearly helps to spend significant periods of time in developing good feelings in both body and mind, as the effects can last for much longer than you realise.Meditate On A Regular BasisMeditation is the time tested tool for helping to increase IQ and other mental abilities. A 30 to 60 minute meditation, 2 to 3 times per week will wonders to help improve all of your vital cognitive functions. Meditation helps to calm the mind, re-center and balance yourself, and allows you to enhance the connection you have to the subconscious portion of your mind.So all in all, these 4 methods can help you on how to increase IQ going forward.czo